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Scotch Bonnet
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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #1
Created by Andrew Van Marle
Character Information
Alter ego Claire Aedhamair
Gender Female
Ethnicity Scottish
Place of birth Loch Denoch, UK
Orientation Bicurious
Age 16
Eyes Green
Hair Bright red
Height 5'7"
Weight 135 lbs
Team affiliation Pride High
Notable aliases Rojita (by Kid Mischief)
Power Pyrokinesis

Scotch Bonnet is the heroic name of Claire Aedhamair, member of Pride High.


Claire was brought up in Scotland in a small rural town, practically a modern day village. When her powers started to manifest (she burned down the neighbor's barn) her parents decided to find a school equipped to help Claire control her pyrotechnic powers. They took her out of St Andrew's boarding school for young women, and sent her off to Poseidon Prep in the United States.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Named after the fiery scotch bonnet pepper, Claire can form semi-sentient beings of living fire and attack her opponents with them. She can also heat objects to melting point by touch, as well as fly by way of her fire powers.

Scotch Bonnet can't carry flammable objects or people while flying, and may burn others touching her while her powers are active.


Scotch Bonnet is a rebel and didn't take very well to boarding school in England. She now dons her former school uniform in the exact manner it wasn't meant to be worn... sexy. She's Kid Mischief's best friend and the teammate most able to handle his raunchy jokes.

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