Following is a list of Pride High issues, as well as fan fiction and RPs.

Official Comic IssuesEdit

Issue Title Writer Artists(s) Issue Date
Pride High #1 The Out Crowd Tommy Roddy Brian Ponce Sept. '06
Classes start at Poseidon Prep and Pride High begins training for ISC.
Pride High #2 Game Over Tommy Roddy Brian Ponce (interiors), Greg Narvasa (cover) Nov. '06
The members of Pride High struggle with the loss of a teammate after a training exercise goes awry.
Pride High #3 Unison Tommy Roddy Brian Ponce Feb. '07
In memory of their lost friend, the kids of Pride High are determined to compete in the Inter-Squad Championship. However, their team theme is a bigger obstacle than they thought.
Pride High #4 Hacked!, Western Horizons Tommy Roddy (Hacked!), Desmond Miller (Western Horizons) Brian Ponce (Hacked!), Shemmy (cover), Michael Usi & Jof Suarez (Western Horizons) Jun. '07
Hacked! - Even with their newest member, Pride High faces an uphill battle against Poseidon Prep's cyberpunk squad, Teh H4xx0rz.
Western Horizons - A child is rescued from a burning monastery.
Kid Olympus #1 Tommy Roddy Robert Rivera Sept. '07
Kid Olympus visits Mount Olympus in the summer before his sophomore year.
Later published with Pride High #6.
Pride High #5 The Serpent & the Sea, Love at First Sight Tommy Roddy (The Serpent & the Sea), Lynx Delirium (Love at First Sight) Shaun "Spanky" Piela (The Serpent & the Sea), Greg Narvasa (cover), Lynx Delirium (Love at First Sight) Sept. '07
The Serpent & the Sea - The kids of Pride High land in hot water when they decide to investigate their friend's murder on their own.
Love at First Sight - Che dreams of life as a mortal.
Pride High #6 Kid Gloves, Kid Olympus Tommy Roddy Pat Pungpee (Kid Gloves), Shemmy (cover) Feb. '08
Kid Gloves - The gloves are off as archrivals Pride High and the Argonauts get ready to rumble!
Kid Olympus - see Kid Olympus #1
Pride High #7 Spring Forward Tommy Roddy Robert Rivera Oct. '08
As the seasons progress, Kid Mischief can't help but look back.
Pride High #8 Lucky Break Part I Tommy Roddy Shaun "Spanky" Piela TBA
It's a spring break to remember, with Captain Lucky and the Legends in town!
Pride High Reality Check Tommy Roddy Tim Fish TBA
As summer begins, Kid Mischief, Suravi, Smash, and Crash may have the fate of reality in their hands.
Pride High Freshman Flashback Elective Credit Tony Smith Raul Faria TBA

Issue 8 is the next comic slated to be released.

Fan Fiction and RPsEdit

Fans can get in on the action with either strightforward fan fiction or play-by-post role playing (RPs).


Date (first post) Title Writer(s) Type
8/20/06 Appendages Dale Everett Fanfic
8/21/06 Welcome to the Jungle..... Feroz Fanfic
8/21/06 Free Period Ricky Dean, Feroz, Deadeas, rave, Hollow, Suravi, QuinnBlackwatch, Howlé RP
8/21/06 James Slave Solfox Fanfic
8/24/06 Busted!! Ricky Dean, Feroz, rave, Hollow, Deadeas, Odell Ladd, stavros RP
8/31/06 Solitude Odell Ladd, Ricky Dean RP
8/31/06 All for One and One for All Dale Everett Fanfic
9/6/06 Flirting with Nightmare Odell Ladd, Stavros Fanfic
9/8/06 The Halls of Shopping Ricky Dean, Hollow, Deadeas, Feroz, rave, Kid Olympus RP
9/15/06 Flustered Entrance Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, QuinnBlackwatch, Feroz, rave, Perihelion, Hollow RP
9/23/06 The Headline Read... Locker Room Banter Proves Hazardous Perihelion Fanfic
11/11/06 Was it Faire? Ricky Dean, QuinnBlackwatch, Perihelion, Dragon Star, The Hellion RP
11/2/06 Beautiful Inside and Out The Hellion Fanfic
12/4/06 Burger Time The Hellion Fanfic
12/16/06 Curse Me, Circe The Hellion Fanfic
12/24/06 Training Programs dayacb, Ricky Dean, Dragon Star, Perihelion, rave, SheepishSheep, Hollow, strider RP
12/28/06 Time After Time SG Fanfic


Date (first post) Title Writer(s) Type
1/3/07 And Now a Word from Our Sponsor The Hellion Fanfic
1/6/07 Dragon Star's Diary Dragon Star Fanfic
1/13/07 Who Stole Mr. Cuddles? SheepishSheep, Ricky Dean, strider, Chameleongirl, Hollow, Deadeas, Perihelion, Dragon Star, rave, dcnightwolf RP
1/17/07 Numb Deadeas Fanfic
1/18/07 Twilight Warrior Deadeas Fanfic
1/24/07 Do You Want to Dance? Dragon Star, Deadeas, The Hellion, Perihelion, warrick1830, Chameleongirl, Moon Sage, Ricky Dean, Promstar, Ninjan RP
1/31/07 Two-Week Retreat Dragon Star, Deadeas, The Hellion, Ricky Dean, Perihelion RP
2/4/07 Horse Sense Maddi Fanfic
2/9/07 Red with Envy The Hellion Fanfic
2/10/07 In Gear Maddi Fanfic
2/12/07 Roberto the False Messiah Moon Sage Fanfic
2/14/07 Arguments Moon Sage Fanfic
2/16/07 First Days of School - The Other Stories MentalFloss, Moon Sage, The Hellion, Deadeas, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, dcnightwolf, warrick1830, Ninjan, Silverpain, CBrachyrhynchos RP
2/19/07 Idle Hands warrick1830 Fanfic
2/19/07 48 Laws Moon Sage Fanfic
2/21/07 The End of Summer CBrachyrhynchos Fanfic
2/26/07 DETENTION! or A Lightspot Afternoon dcnightwolf, Ricky Dean, warrick1830, Promstar, Deadeas, okstatecowboy, MentalFloss RP
2/26/07 "Gavin" The Hellion, MentalFloss, Ricky Dean, Dragon Star RP
2/26/07 The Great Wolf Film Festival Caper dcnightwolf Fanfic
2/26/07 In the Dreaming. Chameleongirl Fanfic
3/4/07 The Quest Deadeas, The Hellion, Animal boy RP
3/4/07 Keep Your Friends Close. Enemies Closer warrick1830 Fanfic
3/9/07 Russell's Story Brayon Fanfic
3/11/07 Illuminated Deadeas Fanfic
3/12/07 Vixen's Get Together Promstar, The Hellion, Deadeas RP
3/12/07 Train with Me Moon Sage, Deadeas, MentalFloss RP
3/13/07 The New Transfer Brayon, Ricky Dean, Deadeas, warrick1830 RP
3/13/07 Kintaro's American Adventure! Ninjan Fanfic
3/16/07 A Late Night Ninjan, Ricky Dean RP
3/18/07 The New Guy - (Feral Force) Ninjan, Chameleongirl, Ricky Dean, Maddi RP
3/18/07 A Long Ways Home strider Fanfic
3/18/07 Waiting to Go Home This Summer The Hellion Fanfic
3/19/07 An Early Morning Jog Around Campus warrick1830, The Hellion, Deadeas, Promstar RP
3/28/07 Campy Beach Ricky Dean, The Hellion, warrick1830, Deadeas, Ninjan, Maddi RP
3/30/07 A Nice Day for a Race Ninjan, Maddi RP
3/31/07 Out of the Frying Pan Dalebert Fanfic
4/1/07 The Beast and the Boy... Ninjan Fanfic
4/5/07 Poseidon Meets Apollo Deadeas, Ninjan, The Hellion, Maddi, okstatecowboy, MentalFloss RP
4/9/07 Anamacon Trip Ricky Dean, Ninjan, Deadeas RP
4/13/07 Skin Deep The Hellion, Deadeas, Chameleongirl, Ninjan, Animal boy RP
4/14/07 Triple Androgynous Name Prince Blanche Fanfic
4/21/07 Friends Animal boy, Deadeas, Maddi RP
4/22/07 All in the Mind The Hellion Fanfic
4/27/07 A Trip to the Zoo Animal boy, Ricky Dean, Chameleongirl RP
4/27/07 TIME TO FIGHT Deadeas Fanfic
5/10/07 Stable Boys Animal boy, Maddi RP
5/12/07 Reboot Deadeas, Maddi RP
5/20/07 Late Night Shopping The Hellion, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Deadeas, Brayon, Chameleongirl RP
5/21/07 Full Moon Over Bluffhaven: Double-Click for Disaster TWP#2 dcnightwolf Fanfic
5/21/07 ZANE: A Psionic Struggle Moon Sage Fanfic
5/24/07 Orgins: Whisper and the Stalker MentalFloss] Fanfic
5/25/07 Mystical Help Animal boy, Ricky Dean RP
5/27/07 The Great Animal Council Animal boy Fanfic
5/27/07 What I've Done Deadeas, The Hellion, okstatecowboy RP
5/28/07 Demonic Intervention Prince Blanche, Animal boy, The Hellion RP
5/28/07 Emo-Boy's Diary Deadeas Fanfic
5/30/07 A Bit of Training Ninjan, The Hellion, Ricky Dean, Safeguard, Silverpain RP
5/30/07 Divine Indoctrination The Hellion, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Ricky Dean, Deadeas, Chameleongirl, Silverpain RP
5/30/07 A Horrible Truth Ricky Dean, Ninjan RP
6/2/07 Salome of the Seven Veils Prince Blanche Fanfic
6/7/07 NEW and Improved Battledome!! MentalFloss, Ricky Dean, Safeguard, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Ninjan, Silverpain, The Hellion, Unknown Protocol, Promstar, xerarose, Deadeas RP
1/7/07 A New Kid on the Super Block Silverpain, Ninjan, Ricky Dean, MentalFloss, Safeguard RP
6/9/07 Mail Bag CBrachyrhynchos, Animal boy, The Hellion, Silverpain, MentalFloss, Ninjan, Brayon, Dragon Star, Chameleongirl RP
6/11/07 Bored and Notthing to Do Silverpain, Safeguard, Ricky Dean, MentalFloss RP
6/12/07 Not Brothers, but Still Grim Ricky Dean, Silverpain, Safeguard, MentalFloss, Ninjan, The Hellion, Dragon Star RP
6/13/07 Sparring or Deathmatch? You Can Never Tell with Metas... Silverpain, Ricky Dean, Safeguard RP
6/16/07 Another Cute Guy Animal boy, Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Ricky Dean RP
6/16/07 Theories of Relativity and Romance The Hellion, Animal boy, Silverpain, Safeguard, okstatecowboy, Prince Blanche, Dragon Star, Moon Sage RP
6/17/07 Arcana XIV Prince Blanche Fanfic
6/18/07 A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes Chameleongirl Fanfic
6/19/07 Myth's First Day Mythu7 Fanfic
6/19/07 A Boy to Remember The Hellion Fanfic
6/19/07 A New Kind of Dance Animal boy, MentalFloss, The Hellion, Ricky Dean, Dragon Star, Prince Blanche, Silverpain, Safeguard RP
6/25/07 The Candy Munchers Animal boy, Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Dragon Star, MentalFloss, Mercury Rider RP
6/26/07 Back to Black Moon Sage Fanfic
6/26/07 Homework and Hard Questions Maddi, Animal boy RP
6/26/07 A Night Out (Feral Force) Ninjan, Ricky Dean, Maddi, Chameleongirl RP
6/27/07 Gorgeous/Punk The Hellion Fanfic
6/27/07 First Day Troubles! Mythu7, Animal boy, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, okstatecowboy, Brayon, CBrachyrhynchos RP
6/28/07 Careful What You Wish For The Hellion, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Silverpain, MentalFloss, Dragon Star RP
6/28/07 Shrouded in Secrets Deadeas, Safeguard, Silverpain, The Hellion RP
6/30/07 Goal! Animal boy, MentalFloss, Prince Blanche, Dragon Star, Chameleongirl, Kid Olympus, The Hellion RP
7/2/07 Swimming Lessons Animal boy, Promstar, Ricky Dean, Dragon Star, Mental Floss, Mythu7 RP
7/2/07 Orgins: Whisper and the Stalker, Volume 2 MentalFloss Fanfic
7/3/07 Massacre of Change Moon Sage Fanfic
7/3/07 Releasing the Wild... Ninjan Fanfic
7/5/07 The Vixxens in: Lipstick and Poison The Hellion Fanfic
7/5/07 A Slight Change of Plans Deadeas, Mythu7, Animal boy, Safeguard RP
7/6/07 Powerlad with Drake, Satoshi, Sofia & The Hellion Fanfic
7/8/07 Eternal Red The Hellion, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Deadeas, Safeguard, Dragon Star, Mythu7, Silverpain, Chameleongirl, Brayon, Ricky Dean RP
7/8/07 The Night of My Life Animal boy, Mythu7, Mercury Rider RP
7/9/07 Summer Vacation Deadeas, Safeguard, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, MentalFloss RP
7/13/07 Leaves of Relatives Animal boy, Safeguard, Prince Blanche, The Hellion, Mythu7, Dragon Star, Silverpain RP
7/17/07 All American... Partially Gay? The Hellion Fanfic
7/17/07 What Happens Here, Stays Here Brayon Fanfic
7/23/07 Culture Non Gratis The Hellion, Safeguard, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Deadeas, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Silverpain RP
7/23/07 The Quest of Myth Mythu7, Animal boy, Dragon Star, Safeguard, Ricky Dean, Prince Blanche RP
7/27/07 THE DATING GAME The Hellion Fanfic
7/28/07 Void of the Mind Deadeas Fanfic
7/28/07 Catseye Animal boy, Dragon Star, Prince Blanche, The Hellion, Safeguard, MentalFloss RP
7/29/07 Secrets Buried... Safeguard, Ricky Dean, Dragon Star, The Hellion, Prince Blanche, Chameleongirl, warrick1830 RP
7/30/07 Waking Chameleongirl Fanfic
7/30/07 The Search for Kallisti's Seeds Part 1: Nico's Search Begins Stevito20 Fanfic
8/1/07 I Hate Modern Art warrick1830 Fanfic
8/2/07 Growing Pains warrick1830, Dragon Star, Animal boy, Ricky Dean, Perihelion, Safeguard, The Hellion, MentalFloss RP
8/4/07 Belonging ceteria Fanfic
8/4/07 Mastering ceteria Fanfic
8/4/07 25 Moments in the Life of Hollow ceteria Fanfic
8/6/07 Field Trip Deadeas, Safeguard, warrick1830, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Moon Sage RP
8/6/07 Ducks and Dragons JT Fanfic
8/7/07 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Deadeas Fanfic
8/7/07 More Poetry Deadeas Fanfic
8/8/07 The Heir Promstar Fanfic
8/8/07 An Invasion from the Stars Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean RP
8/9/07 First Day JT Fanfic
8/9/07 Disorder ceteria Fanfic
8/9/07 Family ceteria Fanfic
8/9/07 Energy ceteria Fanfic
8/9/07 Comfort ceteria Fanfic
8/9/07 Endless ceteria Fanfic
8/9/07 In Which We Act as Adults ceteria Fanfic
8/9/07 25 Sentences on Remembering the Good and Bad ceteria Fanfic
8/9/07 Camp Trip!!! Ninjan, Animal boy, Dragon Star, Prince Blanche, Ricky Dean, Safeguard, The Hellion, Moon Sage, Chameleongirl, Silverpain RP
8/10/07 Saharan Pipedreams Moon Sage, The Hellion, Ricky Dean, Silverpain, Dragon Star, Safeguard RP
8/10/07 Courtesy, Manners, Etiquette, You Know, That Stuff JT Fanfic
8/10/07 Red, Purple, Blue The Hellion Fanfic
8/10/07 The Breakup Deadeas Fanfic
8/10/07 Dancing Queens Animal boy, Moon Sage, Prince Blanche, The Hellion, Deadeas, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Chameleongirl, warrick1830, Ravenheart, Safeguard, warrick1830, xerarose RP
8/11/07 CG-L-TA The Hellion Fanfic
8/11/07 Deadly Games The Hellion, Safeguard, Animal boy, Ninjan, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Prince Blanche, Deadeas, Chameleongirl, Moon Sage RP
8/12/07 New Teacher JT Fanfic
8/12/07 Tommy's First Date Prince Blanche Fanfic
8/13/07 Timeless Epic The Hellion Fanfic
8/13/07 30 Sentences on Finding Who You Are ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Five Times Dion Wished He Said Other Wise 1/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Five Times Dion Wished He's Said Otherwise 2/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Five Times Dion Wished He's Said Otherwise 3/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Five Times Dion Wished He'd Said Otherwise 4/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Five Times Dion Wished He'd Said OtherWise 5/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Kissing ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Life's Little Jokes ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Journal Writings ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 Connecting ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 If You Love Somebody ceteria Fanfic
8/13/07 20 Sentences on Remembering the Past ceteria Fanfic
8/14/07 Save the Tree! Animal boy, Safeguard, Prince Blanche, warrick1830, Dragon Star, CBrachyrhynchos, Mercury Rider RP
8/15/07 The Moore Family History as Recorded by Dr. Tesla Deadeas Fanfic
8/17/07 Inspirations JT Fanfic
8/18/07 Dearly Departed Animal boy, Safeguard, Deadeas, Prince Blanche RP
8/19/07 Blind. Safeguard Fanfic
8/19/07 Twenty Sentences on the Life of Cameron Ashton ceteria Fanfic
8/19/07 Not Ever Coming Back ceteria Fanfic
8/19/07 Growing Up ceteria Fanfic
8/20/07 Wishing You Were Here Again ceteria Fanfic
8/20/07 I Got an Idea.... ceteria Fanfic
8/20/07 I Can Help You Train ceteria Fanfic
8/20/07 Hidden Feelings Deadeas Finfic
8/20/07 I Remember Chameleongirl Fanfic
8/22/07 Safari Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, The Hellion, Dragon Star, Ravenheart, Deadeas RP
8/22/07 Riän's training... Safeguard, Animal boy, Ricky Dean, MentalFloss, Prince Blanche RP
8/23/07 A Fond Farewell from a Friend Deadeas, Safeguard, The Hellion RP
8/23/07 Fly with Me Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
8/23/07 Reunited ceteria Fanfic
8/23/07 26 Sentences on Outrunning the Wind ceteria Fanfic
8/25/07 A Tainted Bloodline Deadeas Fanfic
8/25/07 The Fall of an Empire Deadeas, Safeguard RP
8/26/07 Five Smiles of Cameron Ashton 1/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/26/07 Five Smiles of Cameron Ashton 2/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/26/07 Five Smiles of Cameron Ashton 3/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/26/07 Fire in the Night JT Fanfic
8/27/07 Fairyteller, or 4Q, Fenrir JT Fanfic
8/27/07 Deaf and Colourblind The Hellion Fanfic
8/29/07 Love Triangles and Mystic Circles Prince Blanche Fanfic
8/29/07 Five Smiles of Cameron Ashton 4/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/29/07 Five Smiles of Cameron Ashton 5/5 ceteria Fanfic
8/29/07 25 Moments in the Life of Jorge Ponce ceteria Fanfic
8/29/07 25 Sentences on Seeing Without Looking ceteria Fanfic
8/30/07 Dancing xerarose RP
8/31/07 Beach Boys Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, MentalFloss, Safeguard, The Hellion, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Moon Sage RP
9/2/07 A Shell to Keep the World at Bay Deadeas, MentalFloss, The Hellion, Safeguard RP
9/3/07 Lifestyles of the Rich and Villainous The Hellion, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Promstar, Dragon Star, Deadeas, Chameleongirl, Moon Sage RP
9/4/07 Robert vs Riän... Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Dragon Star, Animal boy, The Hellion, MentalFloss, Ricky Dean RP
9/5/07 Tickle Monster... Safeguard, Animal boy, Ricky Dean RP
9/7/07 Muay Thai Kickboxing Facility xerarose, Ricky Dean, Dragon Star, Safeguard, Ravenheart RP
9/8/07 The War at Home Safeguard, Moon Sage RP
9/11/07 High School Musical -- Part 1 JT, Promstar, The Hellion, MentalFloss, Ricky Dean, Moon Sage, Ninjan, Dragon Star, Chameleongirl, Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, warrick1830 RP
9/11/07 The New Kid Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Dragon Star, Deadeas, Ricky Dean, Moon Sage, Mr. Banana, The Hellion, Chameleongirl, Animal boy RP
9/12/07 Conundrum JT Fanfic
9/12/07 A Visit Animal Boy, Prince Blanche RP
9/12/07 The Death Of Riän Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Deadeas, MentalFloss RP
9/13/07 One Sided Conversation warrick1830 Fanfic
9/17/07 SAKURA or Cherry Blossoms JT Fanfic
9/17/07 Hold On (or Robert's Greatest Test Yet) Safeguard, Prince Blanche RP
9/20/07 Anime Club Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Ricky Dean, Ninjan, Mr. Banana, xerarose, Safeguard, Deadeas RP
9/20/07 Lost Relations Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Ricky Dean, Safeguard, Dragon Star, Animal boy RP
9/21/07 The DropOuts: Miscellaneous The Hellion Fanfic
9/21/07 West Coast Meets East Coast Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard, warrick1830 RP
9/21/07 The Harvest Moon Approaches Mercury Rider, Chameleongirl, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Mr. Banana, Safeguard RP
9/22/07 Lost Relations Mr. Banana Fanfic
9/23/07 It Only Gets Harder The Hellion Fanfic
9/23/07 There's Something About Beowulf Moon Sage Fanfic
9/23/07 The Lady is Toxic The Hellion Fanfic
9/23/07 L’amore e l’odio della Stella Rossa Prince Blanche Fanfic
9/23/07 Everybody Needs Help Sometimes Prince Blanche Fanfic
9/24/07 Pulse Tommy Roddy Fanfic
9/25/07 Diaries, Mud and Feelings Oh My! Promstar Fanfic
9/25/07 Fair, Life is Not. Ricky Dean, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard, Deadeas, Dragon Star, Chameleongirl RP
9/26/07 Endurance! (How Long Can You Last?) Safeguard, Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, warrick1830, Brayon, xerarose RP
9/28/07 Driving Lessons! Animal boy, Prince Blanche, xerarose, Mr. Banana, warrick1830, Safeguard, Maddi RP
9/29/07 Concert Night Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Simon Says RP
9/30/07 Xantha's First Day of School xerarose, warrick1830, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Safeguard, Mr. Banana RP
10/4/07 Doomsday at Poseidon Prep. Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Maddi, Animal boy RP
10/6/07 That Past for the Future MentalFloss, warrick1830, Safeguard, The Hellion, Moon Sage RP
10/6/07 Operation: Best Friends Again Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard RP
10/6/07 Rival Schools: United by H.A.T.E. The Hellion, Animal boy, Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Ninjan, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, MentalFloss, Promstar, warrick1830, Chameleongirl RP
10/7/07 Shadow of Doubt Safeguard, Prince Blanche, xerarose, Animal boy RP
10/10/07 The "Angry" Box warrick1830, Ricky Dean, Safeguard, Maddi, Prince Blanche, xerarose RP
10/12/07 Blade Mistress xerarose, Ricky Dean, Safeguard, Mr. Banana RP
10/12/07 Family Affair Safeguard, Prince Blanche RP
10/12/07 The Weapon in Me Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Mr. Banana, xerarose RP
10/13/07 Changes. Safeguard Fanfic
10/15/07 Tormented Safeguard RP
10/16/07 A Walk in the Park Safeguard, Ricky Dean, xerarose, warrick1830, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana RP
10/17/07 Mall Rats. Safeguard, Mr. Banana RP
10/20/07 Chapter One: Finding the Relics MentalFloss, Safeguard, Ricky Dean, The Hellion, warrick1830, Dragon Star, Simon Says RP
10/21/07 Robert's Revenge Safeguard Fanfic
10/21/07 The Recruitment Drive warrick1830, The Hellion, Safeguard, Simon Says, Chameleongirl, Promstar RP
10/24/07 Training xerarose, Safeguard, Mr. Banana RP
10/28/07 An Olympian Future The Hellion Fanfic
10/28/07 Father Dearly Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Simon Says RP
10/28/07 Galactic Struggle: A Space Epic Deadeas, Safeguard RP
10/30/07 A Very Vixen Halloween The Hellion, Ricky Dean, Promstar, MentalFloss, warrick1830, Deadeas, Safeguard, Simon Says, Chameleongirl, Dragon Star, Ravenheart, xerarose RP
11/3/07 Mall Madness Safeguard, Mr. Banana, Simon Says RP
11/4/07 Reunion of Memories Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard, Simon Says, Animal boy RP
11/8/07 The Gathering of Four Safeguard, Mr. Banana, The Hellion RP
11/8/07 The Mark of Stheno The Hellion, Deadeas, Safeguard, Chameleongirl, Ricky Dean, Dragon Star RP
11/12/07 Bloodsucker Mr. Banana, Simon Says, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Deadeas RP
11/14/07 Gladiator Games Safeguard, Mr. Banana RP
11/15/07 A Close Call. Safeguard Fanfic
11/15/07 Happy Birthday Robert Safeguard, Maddi, Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, MentalFloss, warrick1830, Simon Says, Animal boy RP
11/17/07 Introducing Perihelion Perihelion Fanfic
11/17/07 Introducing Lark Perihelion Fanfic
11/20/07 The War of the Elementals. Safeguard, Simon Says, Mr. Banana RP
11/21/07 Prof. Manak's Mid-Level Weapons Class (Today's Lesson Swords) Simon Says, Safeguard, Mr. Banana, xerarose, Ravenheart RP
11/25/07 The War of the Elementals. Safeguard Fanfic
11/27/07 The War of the Immortals Mr. Banana, Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Simon Says RP
11/30/07 An Encounter of Value (or: Eris Skye's Bad Day) The Hellion Fanfic
12/4/07 My Hero Deadeas Fanfic
12/18/07 Developing a Sense of Self Ave Messer Fanfic
12/19/07 Training Sessions Ave Messer, Safeguard, Simon Says RP
12/20/07 Tormented Night Ave Messer, warrick1830, Mr. Banana, Simon Says, Luke Messer RP
12/21/07 Training Session (Archery) Safeguard, Chameleongirl RP
12/23/07 The DropOuts: Train Journey The Hellion Fanfic
12/27/07 The Exchange Student or She's Back.... warrick1830, Safeguard, The Hellion, Mr. Banana, Chameleongirl, Simon Says RP
12/28/07 Meeting New People Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard, Ave Messer RP
12/29/07 Niwa Ninjan, Ave Messer, Maddi, Animal boy, Safeguard RP


Date (first post) Title Writer(s) Type
1/3/08 The Book of Myths Ninjan, Ave Messer RP
1/3/08 West Coast Meets East Coast Part 2 Animal boy, Prince Blanche RP
1/5/08 Future Time Safeguard, Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche RP
1/5/08 World Wide Warzone The Hellion, Animal boy, Ricky Dean, Deadeas, Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Dragon Star, Ninjan, Chameleongirl RP
1/5/08 Misadventures in Babysitting Animal boy, Prince Blanche RP
1/6/08 Odd Jobs Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, The Hellion, Safeguard, Deadeas, Ninjan, warrick1830 RP
1/10/08 Vixen Witches Promstar Fanfic
1/11/08 Our Ladies of Sorrow Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Mr. Banana, Safeguard RP
1/15/08 Cross-Dimensional Conflict Ave Messer RP
1/16/08 Xantha's Return xerarose, Safeguard, Mr. Banana, Ravenheart RP
1/17/08 Pheremones, Tina Turner, and Detention ganymedefae86 Fanfic
1/18/08 Powerless Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard, The Hellion RP
1/21/08 Rise of the Machines Safeguard, Mr. Banana, Ave Messer, candyman1989, Deadeas RP
1/24/08 What May Come Ave Messer, Safeguard RP
1/30/08 Romance! The Hellion Fanfic
2/2/08 The Quiet Type. candyman1989, Ricky Dean, Safeguard, Ave Messer, Silverpain RP
2/3/08 Aspiration and Acceleration Moon Sage Fanfic
2/4/08 Five Times Travis Wished He Could Hear candyman1989 Fanfic
2/4/08 Operation: Retention Ave Messer, candyman1989, Mr. Banana, BlackHawk, Safeguard, Silverpain RP
2/4/08 That Kid/A Story About Deviant Odd_child_1 Fanfic
2/4/08 Family Reunion okstatecowboy Fanfic
2/5/08 Night Club Adventure Dragon Star, Safeguard, Silverpain, BlackHawk, Mr. Banana, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, The Hellion, Ricky Dean, Ninjan RP
2/7/08 Young Heroes @ War The Hellion Fanfic
2/8/08 Rising to the Challenge JT Fanfic
2/8/08 Lover ceteria Fanfic
2/8/08 Freedom Road ceteria Fanfic
2/8/08 Taking Care ceteria Fanfic
2/8/08 Teach Me Animal boy, Prince Blanche RP
2/10/08 Fangs and Still in.... A Wight to Remember candyman1989 Fanfic
2/11/08 37 Sentences on Wind and Water ceteria Fanfic
2/11/08 A-Con (Anime Convention) Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Deadeas, Silverpain, Safeguard RP
2/13/08 Blasta from the Past Prince Blanche Fanfic
2/13/08 Eleven Odd and Random Facts About Chameleon ceteria Fanfic
2/14/08 loVe Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard RP
2/14/08 My Deadly Valentine The Hellion Fanfic
2/15/08 24 Hours Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Jinx, Ricky Dean, ganymedefae86, Dragon Star, Safeguard RP
2/15/08 An Anonymous Post on the Web Odd_child_1 Fanfic
2/21/08 High Society The Hellion, Mr. Banana, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Ricky Dean, Deadeas, Safeguard, Silverpain, candyman1989, BlackHawk, Gryphon, TailsofElements RP
2/23/08 Pride and Kaos The Hellion Fanfic
2/25/08 Eclipse Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Mr. Banana, Silverpain RP
2/25/08 Black Roses and Dark Feathers Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Mr. Banana, Safeguard, Silverpain RP
2/26/08 Roommates Ave Messer Fanfic
2/27/08 A Replacement... Safeguard, Silverpain, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, The Hellion, Mr. Banana RP
2/28/08 Eleven Random Facts About Howle ceteria Fanfic
2/28/08 Twelve Random Facts About Hollow ceteria Fanfic
2/28/08 Survivalism Odd_child_1 Fanfic
2/28/08 Stranded Mr. Banana Fanfic
2/29/08 Dragon Whispers The Hellion Fanfic
2/29/08 Abducted Ave Messer Fanfic
2/29/08 Secret Fanta - Silverpain Moon Sage Fanfic
3/1/08 Secret Fanta for Moonsage Silverpain Fanfic
3/1/08 Chic Chick and Mister Mowhawk The Hellion Fanfic
3/1/08 Company of 300 Moon Sage Fanfic
3/1/08 Songfic - Not Gonna Get Us Moon Sage Fanfic
3/3/08 Cerise The Hellion Fanfic
3/3/08 Poseidon Preparatory Academy for Successful Youth Moon Sage Fanfic
3/7/08 Blue Lust The Hellion Fanfic
3/9/08 Sacret Fanta for Ninjan! candyman1989 Fanfic
3/9/08 A Party Gone Bad. Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Silverpain RP
3/10/08 Pele in: HOT NIGHT IN THE CITY The Hellion Fanfic
3/10/08 The Vixxens ISC The Hellion Fanfic
3/10/08 Heterochromia The Hellion Fanfic
3/12/08 Iggy's Day of Fun Ninjan Fanfic
3/12/08 Throne of the Ancients Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Silverpain, Animal boy RP
3/12/08 Mystical Girls on the Run Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Animal boy, Safeguard RP
3/12/08 The Hunted Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
3/13/08 Dynamo and RT Safeguard, Prince Blanche, The Hellion, Brayon, Silverpain, Deadeas, Animal boy RP
3/13/08 King of the Mountain Moon Sage Fanfic
3/14/08 Otherworld Fics Deadeas, The Hellion, candyman1989, Promstar, Odd_child_1, Ave Messer, Moon Sage Fanfic
3/16/08 Scenes of Attitude Moon Sage Fanfic
3/17/08 The Last Song warrick1830 Fanfic
3/18/08 Six Senses candyman1989 Fanfic
3/18/08 Shopping Spree for Two Safeguard, Brayon, Mr. Banana, Silverpain, Prince Blanche RP
3/19/08 A Hunter and a Goddess candyman1989 Fanfic
3/19/08 Veronica's Adventures in Bizzareland Prince Blanche Fanfic
3/20/08 The Thirteen Trials of Dionysus Tan The Hellion Fanfic
3/24/08 The MASTERMINDS Want YOU!! Moon Sage Fanfic
3/25/08 Archaeology Trip Promstar, The Hellion, Silverpain, candyman1989, Safeguard, Brayon, Gryphon, Ave Messer, Chip Cheetah, Ninjan, Ricky Dean RP
3/25/08 Earthquake Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Silverpain, Brayon RP
3/30/08 Tommy's Tortured Thoughts Animal boy Fanfic
4/1/08 The Date Safeguard, Brayon Fanfic
4/1/08 Russell, Travis, and Tristan in: Ask Me Out Sometime Moon Sage Fanfic
4/1/08 Chapter One: Take Two MentalFloss, Silverpain, Animal boy, The Hellion, candyman1989, Moon Sage RP
4/2/08 Fifty Five Sentences on the Argonauts ceteria Fanfic
4/2/08 Funny Love Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard RP
4/3/08 Equestrian Riding Center Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard, Maddi RP
4/6/08 League of Nightmares The Hellion, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Gryphon, Safeguard, Silverpain, candyman1989 RP
4/8/08 Ancestral Memory Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy RP
4/8/08 Family Men Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard RP
4/10/08 Mr. and Mr.... Um... Moon Sage Fanfic
4/11/08 The Sound of Sorrow and Rejoice... Ninjan, The Hellion, Silverpain RP
4/13/08 Thirty General Prompts for Amber Sees candyman1989 Fanfic
4/13/08 Quod Superius Sicut Inferius Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Silverpain, Mr. Banana, Safeguard RP
4/14/08 How to Fight a God Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Silverpain RP
4/14/08 Divide and Conquer! Deadeas, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Mr. Banana, Silverpain, Safeguard RP
4/15/08 Campus Tour Gryphon Fanfic
4/16/08 A Harmless Game... Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Safeguard, silverzell RP
4/16/08 Another Time, Another Place Mr. Banana Fanfic
4/17/08 A Deviant Gospel Odd_child_1 Fanfic
4/18/08 Nite Moves The Hellion Fanfic
4/18/08 Ten Things You Should Know About Noah That You Didn't Know Before Animal boy Fanfic
4/19/08 The Second Mutation. or It Was Supposed to be a Good Day warrick1830 Fanfic
4/20/08 Moon Lit Nights candyman1989, The Hellion, Silverpain, MentalFloss, Moon Sage, TailsofElements, Gryphon, Mr. Banana RP
4/20/08 A New Millennium Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
4/22/08 Die, Die, Die Again The Hellion Fanfic
4/22/08 Noah's Family Animal boy Fanfic
4/23/08 Nurses Station xerarose, Safeguard, Animal boy RP
4/23/08 Timeless. Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy RP
4/24/08 Chapter 2: "The Shifting Sands" MentalFloss, warrick1830, Moon Sage, Animal boy, TailsofElements, Sleepwalker, candyman1989, Silverpain, The Hellion, Safeguard RP
4/25/08 Possessed Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Moon Sage, TailsofElements, Animal boy, xerarose, Silverpain RP
4/26/08 The Sound of Signing Animal boy, Prince Blanche RP
4/27/08 How Berto Got His and Eris-Skye Lost His Moon Sage Fanfic
4/27/08 The Brother's First Day TailsofElements Fanfic
4/28/08 Light and Flame TailsofElements Fanfic
4/29/08 Fighting Circle Safeguard, Prince Blanche RP
4/30/08 Visiting Aunt Animal boy, Prince Blanche RP
4/30/08 Tea and Old Friends Odd_child_1 Fanfic
4/30/08 (Learning Curve) Soundtrack to Destruction The Hellion, Animal boy, TailsofElements, candyman1989, xerarose, Prince Blanche, warrick1830, Moon Sage, Silverpain RP
4/30/08 The Four Winds of Ireland TailsofElements, Safeguard, candyman1989, Silverpain, Moon Sage, silverzell RP
5/1/08 Tommy's Birthday! Animal boy, Prince Blanche, MentalFloss, Safeguard, Silverpain, candyman1989, Mr. Banana RP
5/1/08 Eva Prima Pandora Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Safeguard, TailsofElements, Mr. Banana RP
5/1/08 Le Cygne Noir Prince Blanche Fanfic
5/4/08 The Unspeakables The Hellion Fanfic
5/5/08 Capture the Flag warrick1830, The Hellion, candyman1989, Silverpain, Moon Sage, TailsofElements, silverzell, Chameleongirl, Safeguard RP
5/5/08 Tormented. Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy RP
5/8/08 Ragnarok (GodWar.) Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Animal boy, silverzell RP
5/11/08 The Circle candyman1989, Moon Sage, Ave Messer, Silverpain, Gryphon, The Hellion, warrick1830, TailsofElements, Chameleongirl Fanfic
5/11/08 Five Random Facts About Chameleon. Chameleongirl Fanfic
5/12/08 Microchips and Wizards Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, silverzell RP
5/12/08 Noah and Roberto in: A Demi-Demon's Damnation Moon Sage Fanfic
5/14/08 (Learning Curve) Frosty Reception The Hellion, candyman1989, Silverpain, TailsofElements, silverzell, Moon Sage, Gryphon, Brayon, xerarose RP
5/14/08 A Meeting of Friends Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Ravenheart RP
5/14/08 Heaven's Light Safeguard, Prince Blanche, silverzell, Animal boy RP
5/15/08 Brothers Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Safeguard, silverzell RP
5/16/08 Laughter is the Best Medicine Safeguard, silverzell, Prince Blanche, Animal boy RP
5/18/08 Ocean's Depths silverzell, Safeguard, Prince Blanche RP
5/19/08 Godplay Moon Sage Fanfic
5/19/08 Crisis Point Dark_Powers, Jinx RP
5/19/08 Critical Mass Dark_Powers, TailsofElements, candyman1989, The Hellion, Silverpain, silverzell, ganymedefae86 RP
5/19/08 Space Faring. (Part 1) Safeguard, Prince Blanche, silverzell RP
5/20/08 Chase the Express The Hellion, candyman1989, TailsofElements, Brayon, Moon Sage, Silverpain, Safeguard RP
5/21/08 Keeping Ne Up Tonight... ceteria Fanfic
5/23/08 School Auditorium xerarose, Safeguard, The Hellion, silverzell, TailsofElements, Ravenheart RP
5/24/08 Cinderbeast Animal boy Fanfic
5/25/08 Blue v Pink: Fight for a H4XX0RZ The Hellion Fanfic
5/25/08 Natural vs. Artificial Animal boy Fanfic
5/25/08 Capitare - Space Faring Part Two Safeguard, Prince Blanche, silverzell RP
5/26/08 Shades of Pinkie The Hellion Fanfic
5/26/08 A Boy and His Shoggoth Odd_child_1 Fanfic
5/28/08 Three Monkeys TailsofElements Fanfic
5/29/08 Still in Subzero Attitude The Hellion Fanfic
5/29/08 In Dreams Brayon Fanfic
5/30/08 Machine Wars Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, TailsofElements, silverzell RP
5/30/08 The Diary of a Shy Boy Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, silverzell RP
5/31/08 Herzen und Puppen Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Ravenheart, silverzell, Animal boy, ganymedefae86 RP
6/1/08 P4r7y 0f h3r 1if3, Summer of His Discontent Moon Sage Fanfic
6/2/08 Difficulty Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, silverzell RP
6/3/08 A Day Off. Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, xerarose, silverzell RP
6/5/08 Stones of the Phyla Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, silverzell RP
6/6/08 Uncovering the Truth About Kiran Stevens TailsofElements Fanfic
6/7/08 (Learning Curve) The Meteorite in Magma The Hellion, TailsofElements, silverzell, xerarose, Moon Sage, candyman1989, Gryphon, Brayon, Silverpain, Ravenheart RP
6/7/08 Poseidon Preparatory Academy for Exceptional Youth Moon Sage Fanfic
6/7/08 Santos Guerreros del Pasado Prince Blanche, Animal boy, silverzell, Safeguard, Ravenheart RP
6/9/08 Ground Zero Ave Messer, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Silverpain RP
6/10/08 Battle at the Observatory Moon Sage, TailsofElements, silverzell, Silverpain, Safeguard, candyman1989, The Hellion RP
6/14/08 The Threat of Threaten The Hellion, Moon Sage, Safeguard, silverzell, Brayon, TailsofElements, Ravenheart, candyman1989 RP
6/14/08 Developing a Sense of Self Part 2 Ave Messer Fanfic
6/15/08 Gay for Jorge The Hellion Fanfic
6/15/08 Le Fou Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Ravenheart, Safeguard, xerarose, silverzell, Mr. Banana RP
6/15/08 Liquid Metal Safeguard, Prince Blanche, silverzell, Mr. Banana, Animal boy RP
6/15/08 Den of Spirits Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
6/16/08 Exchange with Maddi candyman1989 Fanfic
6/19/08 Colour of His Mettle The Hellion Fanfic
6/21/08 Mera Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
6/21/08 Happy Birthday? Ninjan, Safeguard, Shonen-Ai Guy, Moon Sage, The Hellion, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Brayon RP
6/21/08 Sorcery Club Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Moon Sage, Ravenheart, Safeguard, candyman1989, Silverpain, TailsofElements, Shonen-Ai Guy RP
6/21/08 La Sagrada Prueba Final Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Safeguard, Ravenheart, Mr. Banana RP
6/21/08 Dragon Hunter. (or Nate's Darkest Fear) Safeguard, Prince Blanche, xerarose, Animal boy, Mr. Banana RP
6/23/08 Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name Animal boy Fanfic
6/23/08 Dog Day xerarose, Ravenheart, TailsofElements RP
6/23/08 At the Pool Ave Messer, Silverpain, TailsofElements, warrick1830, Moon Sage, Safeguard RP
6/24/08 Vince's Blind Date Ave Messer, candyman1989 RP
6/25/08 Judgement Day Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Ave Messer, Animal boy, silverzell RP
6/26/08 Twelve Swords of Power TailsofElements, xerarose, candyman1989, silverzell, Animal boy, Silverpain RP
6/26/08 La Nuit Prince Blanche Fanfic
6/26/08 Paula in Chibiland Moon Sage Fanfic
6/29/08 Tír na nÓg: Land of Eternal Youth Brayon, candyman1989, The Hellion, xerarose, TailsofElements, Safeguard, Chameleongirl, Silverpain, Animal boy, Tommy Roddy, Prince Blanche RP
6/30/08 The Sithagyn Sequence The Hellion Fanfic
7/1/08 Visiting Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
7/4/08 A Frigid Past xerarose, Safeguard, silverzell, Ravenheart RP
7/5/08 The Grass is Always Deadlier on the Other Side of the Fence The Hellion, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Silverpain, Ninjan, Safeguard, silverzell, warrick1830 RP
7/5/08 One Year Ago: Tommy Animal boy Fanfic
7/6/08 Opposites Attract Prince Blanche Fanfic
7/10/08 God War Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, silverzell RP
7/10/08 Minty Fresh candyman1989 Fanfic
7/15/08 Pele Shiping candyman1989 Fanfic
7/16/08 Looming Threaten The Hellion, candyman1989, Silverpain, Deadeas, Safeguard, TailsofElements, Brayon, Promstar, Darkness1 RP
7/17/08 Psycho in You Don't Have to be Crazy... The Hellion Fanfic
7/19/08 Trial by Fire (Literally) Animal boy, Prince Blanche RP
7/20/08 The 18 Pillars of Magic Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Ravenheart, Mr. Banana RP
7/20/08 I Kissed Jorge Ponce (and I Liked It) Moon Sage Fanfic
7/21/08 Caballeros en Entrenamiento Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Safeguard, Animal boy, Ravenheart RP
7/23/08 Bridegroom of the Armageddon Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
7/26/08 The Calm Before the Storm Darkness1, Safeguard, Silverpain, xerarose, The Hellion, Ricky Dean, TailsofElements RP
7/27/08 Summer Time Ninjan, Silverpain, xerarose, Safeguard, Ricky Dean, Chameleongirl RP
7/30/08 When Camping Trips Go Wrong. Darkness1 Fanfic
7/30/08 An Old Friend... Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
8/2/08 Estrellas del Crepúsculo Prince Blanche, Animal boy, ceam3000, Ravenheart, Silverpain, Safeguard, xerarose RP
8/6/08 Save Them!: Giant Panda Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
8/7/08 The Best Story Never MentalFloss, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Silverpain, Darkness1 RP
8/10/08 Magic School Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Ravenheart, ganymedefae86, Silverpain RP
8/15/08 La Noche en Que el Destino se Detuvo Prince Blanche, Animal boy, xerarose, ganymedefae86, Ravenheart, Safeguard, Darkness1 RP
8/15/08 On Fallen Wings Darkness1, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Safeguard, TailsofElements RP
8/16/08 Un Mundo Vuelto Loco Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Darkness1, Animal boy, ganymedefae86 RP
8/17/08 Flow candyman1989, The Hellion, TailsofElements, Silverpain, Darkness1, Gryphon, ganymedefae86, Oni RP
8/17/08 Titanium Age The Hellion, candyman1989, Darkness1, TailsofElements, warrick1830, Ravenheart, Deadeas, Promstar RP
8/17/08 Deconstructing a Masterpiece Silverpain, Darkness1, Safeguard, candyman1989, TailsofElements, ganymedefae86 RP
8/24/08 Treachery at the Games TailsofElements, xerarose, ganymedefae86, Safeguard, warrick1830, Silverpain, Darkness1, Oni RP
8/29/08 Serenity Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, TailsofElements, Darkness1, ganymedefae86, Silverpain RP
8/30/08 The Storm Darkness1, Safeguard, TailsofElements, xerarose, MentalFloss, Oni, Silverpain, The Hellion RP
9/2/08 Dance of the Genius: First Movement The Hellion, candyman1989, Silverpain, Oni, TailsofElements, Darkness1 RP
9/2/08 ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Safeguard, Ravenheart RP
9/9/08 Der Engel und die Jungfrau Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Oni, Silverpain, Safeguard, Ravenheart RP
9/10/08 Burning Thoughts Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Silverpain, Oni RP
9/12/08 Mother Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, Oni RP
9/12/08 Veiled Secrets. Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Oni, Jinx RP
9/17/08 The Meaning of Fear: A Pride High Halloween MentalFloss Fanfic
9/19/08 Sun, Surf, and Laughter Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Oni, Silverpain RP
9/19/08 Deeds of the Heartless Oni, TailsofElements, Silverpain, Safeguard, candyman1989, Darkness1, The Hellion RP
9/20/08 The Villians Return TailsofElements Fanfic
9/21/08 Ye Olde Worlde King Arthur Darkness1, Oni, TailsofElements, Safeguard, candyman1989, Silverpain, Kagekaze RP
9/21/08 Monica Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard RP
9/23/08 Rose Well Safeguard, Prince Blanche RP
9/24/08 Satyriasis Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Safeguard RP
9/25/08 Enfants Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Oni, Safeguard, Ravenheart, Mr. Banana RP
9/28/08 The Circus of Fools and Ghouls Darkness1 Fanfic
9/30/08 Interweavement candyman1989 Fanfic
9/30/08 Chapter 3: "Around the World.... Again" MentalFloss, Animal boy, warrick1830, Silverpain, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Darkness1, Dragon Star RP
10/2/08 Sunseed Moon Sage, warrick1830, The Hellion, Silverpain, TailsofElements, Darkness1, Oni, Dragon Star RP
10/2/08 Motorcycle Animal boy, Prince Blanche RP
10/6/08 Where in the World...? Moon Sage Fanfic
10/11/08 Defenders Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Jinx RP
10/22/08 The Beckoning Darkness1, Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, TailsofElements, Animal boy, Dragon Star, Oni RP
10/22/08 Alraune Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Mr. Banana, Oni, Ravenheart, Safeguard, Jinx, Huw RP
10/22/08 Old New Arrival Dragon Star, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Oni, TailsofElements, Moon Sage, Darkness1, candyman1989, Huw, Ricky Dean RP
10/27/08 Lunch Huw Fanfic
10/28/08 Travellers candyman1989, The Hellion, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Oni, Darkness1, Safeguard, TailsofElements, Silverpain RP
10/29/08 No More Heroes Darkness1, Oni, TailsofElements, Huw, The Hellion, candyman1989, warrick1830, Moon Sage, Dragon Star, MentalFloss, Kagekaze Fanfic
10/29/08 Talent Show Animal boy, Huw, Prince Blanche, Silverpain, Dragon Star RP
10/30/08 Baby, It's Cold Outside Moon Sage Fanfic
10/31/08 A Painful Loss Ninjan, Moon Sage, Dragon Star, Ricky Dean, Oni RP
10/31/08 The Godslayer Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Huw, Mr. Banana, Animal boy, Jinx, ganymedefae86 RP
11/2/08 Attack of the Killer Cotillion warrick1830, candyman1989, The Hellion, Darkness1, Ricky Dean, Oni, Animal boy, Moon Sage, Dragon Star, Silverpain RP
11/5/08 School Dance in the Starfall Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, ganymedefae86, Safeguard, Ricky Dean, Oni, candyman1989, Silverpain, Animal boy, TailsofElements, Darkness1 RP
11/11/08 A Detour from the Norm Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy RP
11/15/08 How the Wind Blows Kagekaze Fanfic
11/15/08 Homunculus Ambiguous Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Mr. Banana, Darkness1, Moon Sage, candyman1989, Jinx RP
11/15/08 The Ageless Shadowman Kagekaze Fanfic
11/17/08 Physical Education Student Teacher Experiences First Random Kidnapping TailsofElements, Oni, Darkness1, Kagekaze RP
11/20/08 This Time of Year candyman1989 Fanfic
11/24/08 Jorge Moon Sage Fancomic
11/25/08 The Road is Long GoldHammer Fanfic
11/29/08 A Wicked Production Moon Sage Fanfic
11/29/08 Dance of the Genius: Second Movement The Hellion, Oni, TailsofElements, Darkness1, candyman1989 RP
11/30/08 Just Hear Those... Wait Those Aren't Sleighbells! Darkness1, Oni, Moon Sage, Safeguard, Silverpain, Huw, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, TailsofElements, candyman1989, The Hellion, Kagekaze, warrick1830 RP
11/30/08 Lady Small and the Rise to Power Moon Sage Fanfic
12/2/08 Christmas Dates Darkness1 Fanfic
12/3/08 The Alchemist's Stone Kagekaze, Darkness1, Huw, TailsofElements, Oni, Safeguard, warrick1830, ScarletWidow, candyman1989, Moon Sage RP
12/4/08 New and Improved Battledome: Round 2!!! MentalFloss, Oni, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Darkness1, Kagekaze, Silverpain RP
12/5/08 Nightmare Oni Fanfic
12/5/08 Crack Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Huw, Oni, TailsofElements, silverzell, Kagekaze RP
12/8/08 MDVRPG: Bedlam Awaits The Hellion, Moon Sage, Darkness1, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Oni, Kagekaze, Strato101 RP
12/12/08 Girls of a Tail Moon Sage Fanfic
12/12/08 Take Me for What I Am The Hellion Fanfic
12/12/08 The Eight Nights of Burning GoldHammer Fanfic
12/13/08 RENT! TailsofElements Fanfic
12/15/08 Villainous Deeds Darkness1 Fanfic
12/15/08 Suffer, Children Huw, Safeguard, TailsofElements, Oni, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, silverzell RP
12/18/08 The Weather Outside candyman1989 Fanfic
12/18/08 Agents of Anubis Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, silverzell, Huw, Ravenheart RP
12/19/08 Vince Saves Christmas The Hellion Fanfic
12/19/08 A Not So Merry Christmas Oni Fanfic
12/20/08 A Christmas Carol for Still Mr. Banana Fanfic
12/20/08 When the Moon Hits Your Eyes.... warrick1830 Fanfic
12/20/08 Mirrors Ave Messer Fanfic
12/20/08 Yule-Tide for Two TailsofElements Fanfic
12/24/08 Big Daddy Strong New Year Moon Sage Fanfic
12/24/08 A Pride High Christmas Carol Darkness1 Fanfic
12/25/08 Missed Ya Huw Fanfic
12/25/08 Gateways to the Soul TailsofElements Fanfic
12/25/08 Shore Leave. Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Huw, Ravenheart, silverzell, Animal boy RP
12/26/08 Christmas Shopping Spectacle ScarletWidow Fanfic
12/27/08 Villainous Deeds Darkness1, Oni, Huw, silverzell, Moon Sage, candyman1989, TailsofElements, Mr. Banana RP
12/27/08 A Hero Gone Wrong... Mr. Banana, Moon Sage, Oni, Prince Blanche, Huw, TailsofElements, Safeguard, Ravenheart, Animal boy, silverzell RP
12/28/08 Parents Night at PPA TailsofElements, Oni Fanfic


Date (first post) Title Writer(s) Type
1/2/09 A Lost Souls Return xerarose, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Ravenheart RP
1/3/09 Developing a Sense of Self Part 3 Ave Messer Fanfic
1/3/09 The Transgender Group Ave Messer, Moon Sage, Huw, Ravenheart, ScarletWidow, candyman1989 RP
1/3/09 Mathlete Meeting Ave Messer, candyman1989, Animal boy, Prince Blanche RP
1/5/09 The Adoptorium Moon Sage Fanfic
1/8/09 Die Sterne Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Mr. Banana, Ravenheart, Safeguard, silverzell, xerarose RP
1/8/09 Jr. Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Safeguard, silverzell RP
1/12/09 MDVerse: Something Wicked The Hellion Fanfic
1/13/09 Himmel Oder Hölle Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, silverzell, Mr. Banana RP
1/21/09 Suravi Moon Sage Fancomic
1/21/09 Ghost of a Chance Shonen-Ai Guy Fancomic
1/22/09 A New Silence candyman1989 Fanfic
1/23/09 Iggy meets Ignacio in... De la Cruz: Tension and Friction Moon Sage Fanfic
1/23/09 Of Sand and Snow Oni Fanfic
1/23/09 Dear Diary... Mr. Banana Fanfic
1/24/09 Boys' Night Out candyman1989 Fanfic
1/24/09 Box of Chocolates Gryphon Fanfic
1/24/09 Ferals of a Feather/Scale Stick Together Darkness1 Fanfic
1/24/09 It's Easy to Melt Into a Kiss When You're Water TailsofElements Fanfic
1/24/09 Two-Thirds May Like it but Only One-Third Matters TailsofElements Fanfic
1/25/09 And in This Corner The Hellion Fanfic
1/25/09 The Sins of the Faithful Gryphon, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Oni, Moon Sage, Darkness1 RP
1/25/09 Moving Uptown (Going to Nepal) Moon Sage Fanfic
2/1/09 Omega Point Deadeas, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Moon Sage RP
2/2/09 Otiiggy Drabble Moon Sage Fanfic
2/3/09 Tonight: On Reality TV--A Hero Will Die warrick1830 Fanfic
2/5/09 A crAckEd Date: Small Smiles and Spontaneous Spews Moon Sage Fanfic
2/5/09 A Little Glass Vial... Oni Fanfic
2/5/09 And So the Darkness Falls Darkness1 Fanfic
2/8/09 An Arrow Gone Awry Ave Messer Fanfic
2/10/09 A Happy Ever After Oni Fanfic
2/10/09 Body & Mind candyman1989 Fanfic
2/11/09 Kitten Clan TailsofElements, Oni, Kagekaze RP
2/12/09 That Spat The Hellion Fanfic
2/14/09 Whispered Romance Ave Messer Fanfic
2/14/09 A Trick and a Treat Gryphon Fanfic
2/14/09 A Little Night Music Prince Blanche, xerarose, Ravenheart, Animal boy, Kagekaze RP
2/14/09 The Klaakith-Wistil War Ave Messer, Safeguard, Kagekaze, Prince Blanche, Animal boy RP
2/17/09 Memoir Moon Sage Fanfic
2/17/09 Main Cast Challenge: Claire Aedhamair GoldHammer Fanfic
2/24/09 Blame the British, and Save the Cheetah Darkness1, Oni, Prince Blanche, Kagekaze, candyman1989, Moon Sage, TailsofElements, Animal boy, Kagekaze RP
2/27/09 Ten Otenio Sentances candyman1989 Fanfic
3/1/09 Ten Tristan Sentances candyman1989 Fanfic
3/3/09 Let the Games Night Begin The Hellion, Moon Sage, Oni, Kagekaze, candyman1989, TailsofElements, Darkness1, Chameleongirl, Ravenheart, Zaejue Dehl, Gryphon RP
3/5/09 Ten Locke Sentances candyman1989 Fanfic
3/8/09 Chip Cheetah in Murder Most Frigid The Hellion Fanfic
3/8/09 Mysticriminal Tendencies Zaejue Dehl, Moon Sage, Darkness1, Oni, The Hellion, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Kagekaze RP
3/9/09 Shoes and Miles. You Know What They Say Oni, TailsofElements, Prince Blanche, Zaejue Dehl, Gryphon, Kagekaze, Darkness1, candyman1989 RP
3/9/09 Sand Dance candyman1989, Oni, Zaejue Dehl, Gryphon, TailsofElements, Silverpain, The Hellion, Strato101 RP
3/12/09 Creator candyman1989 Fanfic
3/14/09 1247:- Recover the Specimen Darkness1, Oni, Zaejue Dehl, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, TailsofElements, Reijin Dehl, Safeguard, Kagekaze RP
3/20/09 Poseidon Preparatory's Odyssey Darkness1 Fanfic
3/20/09 Collared, Cornered and Coerced. Raising Jordan Jordan9 Fanfic
3/21/09 Our Other Selves The Hellion Fanfic
3/22/09 The RP in Which There is No Plot. At All Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Darkness1, Safeguard RP
3/26/09 Urban Legends Prince Blanche Fanfic
3/26/09 Society of the Red Akita Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Mr. Banana, Kagekaze RP
3/26/09 New School Order Moon Sage Fanfic
3/28/09 Gai Jin Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, TailsofElements RP
3/29/09 Torre de Márfil Prince Blanche, Ravenheart RP
3/29/09 The Refuge of Sinners Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Kagekaze, TailsofElements RP
3/30/09 Switch. MentalFloss, Kagekaze, Strato101, Safeguard RP
4/17/09 Lullaby Darkness1 Fanfic
4/19/09 A date Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Darkness1, Oni, The Hellion RP
4/21/09 Crossing Jordan: Excerpts of a parallel reality Jordan9 Fanfic
4/28/09 Remy Sau Moon Sage Fanfic
4/30/09 Lullaby Darkness1, Oni, candyman1989, The Hellion, TailsofElements RP
5/6/09 The Riddle Animal boy, Prince Blanche, Ravenheart, Safeguard RP
5/6/09 While You Were Gone TailsofElements Fanfic
5/7/09 Night of the Porcelain Evil Mr. Banana, Prince Blanche, candyman1989, Animal boy, Darkness1, TailsofElements RP
5/10/09 Seeing the Parade from Above TailsofElements, Darkness1 RP
5/15/09 bAcK fRoM tHe dEaD Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Animal boy RP
6/1/09 Twist in My Story candyman1989 Fanfic
6/6/09 Faerie Bad News The Hellion, candyman1989, Darkness1, TailsofElements RP
6/10/09 Learning Curve: Covert Op candyman1989, the Hellion, Oni, TailsofElements, Darkness1 RP
6/10/09 Learning Curve: Saving from Grace candyman1989, The Hellion, TailsofElements, Darkness1, Oni RP
6/21/09 The Cube Safeguard, Prince Blanche, Strato101, Prince Blanche, Animal boy RP
7/9/09 La Belle Dame sans merci Prince Blanche, Animal boy, MentalFloss, Safeguard RP
7/21/2009 Round Robin: Good Look Bad Luck The Hellion, candyman1989, Perihelion, TailsofElements, The Hellion, Darkness1, candyman1989 Fanfic RP
7/24/09 The Necklace of Mnemosyne Darkness1, Animal boy, Prince Blanche, TailsofElements, The Hellion, Strato101, Safeguard, candyman1989 RP
8/1/09 Moving Day candyman1989, Gryphon RP
8/1/09 The Mirror Gryphon Fanfic RP
8/4/09 Shadow of the Past ScarletWidow Fanfic
8/7/09 Melody Darkness1 Fanfic
9/9/09 Taking a Trip Brayon Fanfic
9/9/09 Chilly Disposition candyman1989 Fanfic
9/11/09 Seven Days of Bad News The Hellion, TailsofElements, candyman1989, Gryphon, ScarletWidow, Darkness1, Brayon, Oni RP
9/21/09 Stride Darkness1, Oni, TailsofElements, candyman1989 RP
9/24/09 The Bridge Collapses MoonSage Fanpoem
10/3/09 Under Seven Seals Prince Blanche, Animal boy, Safeguard, Zaejue Dehl RP
10/6/09 The Halloween Dance warrick1830, TailsofElements, The Hellion, Safeguard, Darkness1, Prince Blanche, Animal boy, candyman1989, Gryphon RP

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