• Some information lifted from the official bio.
Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #1
Created by Michael Millard
Character Information
Alter ego Christian Gunn
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian, some Native American
Place of birth Tulsa, OK
Orientation Gay
Age 35
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Height 5'4"
Weight 115 lbs
Team affiliation Poseidon Prep faculty
Notable aliases Dr. Gunn
Powers Lumokinesis, umbrakinesis

Lightspot is the heroic name of Christian Gunn, Algebra and Calculus teacher at Poseidon Prep.


An only child, Chris was left to his own resources by his single mother, who worked two jobs. Blessed with an above average IQ, Chris found himself more at ease with adults than with children his own age. At parties, he tended to blend into the shadows. As Chris grew, he discovered he had abilities others didn't. Rooms would either brighten or darken when he entered. At times, bursts of light or dark would shoot from his hands. His peers avoided him and branded him a freak. During this period, Chris also realized he was gay.

Chris continued his peer-induced exile until college, where he came to grips with his sexuality. Chris kept his powers a secret until his friend Kat was in danger. While waiting for her to come out of her bank, Chris saw that it was being robbed. With no police in sight, Chris risked the danger. He slipped into a shadow and came out inside the bank. He surveyed the scene, and literally walked out of another shadow, causing the thieves to run into the arms of the just arriving police.

Upon graduating from Oklahoma State with a dual PhD in education and psychology, Chris moved to Pacific City to accept a teaching position at the Poseidon Preparatory Academy for Heroic Youth.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Light and dark control, teleportation via walking through shadows. Lightspot can focus his powers (through his hands) into beams of light or dark.

At this point, Lightspot can only shadow-walk a limited distance. He can "pull" one person with him through the shadows, though for some reason he is highly reluctant to do so...

He has a psychology and education background


Chris would describe himself as quiet and analytical. Others would say he's a wallflower and hard to get to know. Due to his size, Chris will often step back from the actual fight and analyze the situation before heading in, often providing back-up in combat situations. In the classroom, however, students quip that Mr. Gunn is a cross between a drill sergeant and Robin Williams.

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