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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #6
Created by Eric Stevens
Character Information
Alter ego Angelina
Gender Female
Ethnicity Cuban
Place of birth Cuba
Orientation Straight
Age 17
Eyes Golden brown
Hair Red
Height 5'11"
Weight 135 lbs
Team affiliation La Raza
Notable aliases none known
Power Super soldier

Liberación is the heroic name of Angelina, member of La Raza.


Liberación is a product of Russian supertrooper experimentation in Cuba utilizing genetic manipulation to produce faster, smarter, tougher soldiers. After the project was shut down, the children largely found their way (or were funneled) into competitive sports. Liberación is the first individual all around gold medal winning gymnast from the country. Her twin brother, Angelo, is still in Havana. This is a point of anxiety for Liberacion.

During Liberación's freshmen year at Poseidon Prep, she was approached by a modeling talent scout and quickly started modeling for fun and a bit of money. Her modeling has really taken off over the summer break, as has her wardrobe. Bits and pieces of every level and kind of fashion have found their way home with her. Expect to see her turning the school halls into her own person runway.

Angelina has a natural aloofness that is born of extreme confidence and her training, which taught her to detach herself emotionally to better evaluate any situation. She really isn’t stuck up, but it frequently comes off that way. Of course being a “Cubana”, she would probably come off that way anyway.

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