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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #6
Created by Tommy Roddy
Character Information
Alter ego Evan McPherson, Jr.
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Place of birth Honolulu, HI
Orientation Straight
Age 16
Eyes Green
Hair Sandy blond
Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs
Team affiliation Lili'uokalani
Notable aliases none known
Power Sonic scream

Howlé is the heroic name of Evan McPherson, Jr., member of Lili'uokalani.


Evan's parents both owed their considerable wealth to inheritances drawn from sugar cane fortunes. Given everything money could buy, all Evan yearned for was his parents' time, which was always in short supply. Child-rearing was left to his Hawaiian nanny, Kiele, who Evan grew to love more than his birth parents. Through her and the multitude of children's songs she taught, he gained relative fluency in Hawaiian.

Only a few days before Evan junior's 10th birthday, his father was charged with tax evasion. Evan senior skipped town and left his wife and only son with nothing, as the family's assets were all frozen. Evan was no longer able to attend Glazer Academy, a mostly white private school. He transferred to Lono Intermediate, a predominately Asian and native Hawaiian middle school. Initially he received a cold reception and had the term haole thrown at him almost daily. But with his fluency in Hawaiian, and an ear for languages, he quickly picked up the local slang. The teasing never completely ceased, but it eventually became more good-natured ribbing by the time he was ready to enter high school.

At the age of 13, while surfing under somewhat rough conditions, Evan was knocked clear off of his board by a tiger shark. All Evan could do was scream as the shark's mouth rushed at him. And scream he did. With a massive sonic blast, the shark's teeth were shattered. Its bulk still slammed into him, but he was able to swim to safety with only bruises. The other surfers at his school all witnessed the attack. From that day forward, their favorite haole was now "Howlé" the white boy with the mighty howl!

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Howlé can focus his voice into a powerful sonic blast.

Speaks fluent Hawaiian and pidgin.


Evan has the look of mindless jock, but he's actually one of the nicest guys at the school. He is not a fan of the Argonauts at all, and isn't afraid to say so.

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