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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #1
Created by Dan Wren
Character Information
Alter ego Sam Quartz
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Place of birth St. Louis, MO
Orientation Straight
Age 17
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Height 6'0"
Weight  ?
Team affiliation Poseidon Prep student
Notable aliases none known
Power Vibration

Epicenter is the heroic name of Sam Quartz, sophomore at Poseidon Prep.


Born in St. Louis into a US Army family, he quickly grew up to be the popular boy in the neighborhood; he played a lot of sports and eventually joined the Army Cadets to follow in his dad's footsteps.

He did well in the army and excelled in martial arts, though during one training exercise his powers manifested randomly and caused the ground to shake and the cadets to all fall to the ground, a few injured. No one knew the cause and put it down to a freak earthquake. Sam did notice, however, that he could no longer hear and was taken to the infirmary. He was told to leave the Cadets, which broke his heart, as they could not cope with a deaf cadet. His parents were kind of ashamed of their kid, which to Sam seemed the wrong emotion, and treated him like a broken toy and ignored him rather than supporting him.

Sam went off the rails for a few months, getting into trouble, and was finally caught using his powers to break into a warehouse.

His parents, on hearing of his freak nature, booted him out of their house for good and cut all ties with him. Sam, past caring, bummed around on the streets until he realized he missed the army and doing the best for your country and he searched the Internet for people like him, coming across a school set up in the US for people with "gifts". He grabbed his small pack and jumped on a coach and headed to Poseidon Prep.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Epicenter has the ability to control vibrations; this allows him to generate localized earthquakes, shatter solid matter or simply direct them at the human body causing damage.

Sam was in the Army cadets and has basic martial arts and weapons training; he has good stamina and a rough yet attractive body and features that seem to attract attention.


Though confident in his own abilities, he is generally quite quiet; he is not shy, just unwilling to be center of attention. People look at him and think a dumb army brat, but he has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue if needed and always fists to back himself or his friends up.

He gets frustrated sometimes when people don't talk normally to him and treat him differently, but tries not to let it show.

He is genuinely thrilled if people can be bothered to learn to sign to him as he finds it so much more expressive than speach.

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