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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #7
Created by Tommy Roddy
Character Information
Alter ego Nisrin Ali
Gender Female
Ethnicity Dutch-Somali
Place of birth Amsterdam, Holland
Orientation Straight
Age 15
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Height 5'10"
Weight 135 lbs
Team affiliation The Vixxens
Notable aliases none known
Power Lumokinesis--light into sound

Discotheque is the heroic name of Nisrin Ali, member of The Vixxens.


The daughter of two London-educated Somali doctors, Nisrin was born in Amsterdam. The family originally wanted to settle in the UK, but their asylum application was rejected due to a red tape nightmare. However, Holland proved more forgiving, and the Ali family quickly settled into the vibrant cultural center of Amsterdam.

Nisrin discovered her powers the first night she snuck into a gay club with friends. As she danced the night away, there were moments when all the lights would suddenly dim and the sound would thrum noticeably louder. It didn't take long for Nisrin to realize that she was the cause of phenomenon. Rather than fall into any angst, she was absolutely thrilled by her powers.

Eager to channel their daughter's party instincts, her parents had her apply to Poseidon Prep. Unfortunately, despite her powers and good academic record, Dr. Alexander was less than impressed with Nisrin's party-girl attitude during their video conference. She was waitlisted. However, two weeks into the school term, a space opened up and Nisrin got the call!

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Nisrin is able to convert light into sound, as well as amplify existing sound. This conversion can create massive bursts sound, sonic blasts, or booming beats that follow whatever song she has in her head at the moment.

Dancer extraordinaire! Fluent in Dutch and English, conversational in French. Speaks in perfectly unaccented, American English due to her love of American TV.


Nisrin is a party girl, through and through. She's had a fake ID since she was 13, and with her impressive height at that age, even by Dutch standards, she has rarely been carded. Though Somali by ethnicity, she was raised in the Netherlands and considers herself Dutch, first and foremost.

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